Dependency Management via CPack and dpkg-shlipdeps

I am trying to package several cpp libraries as DEB packages that depend on each other.

I have libA that depends on libB(>=2.0.0), libB does not depend on any other library.
Lib B is a package of its own containing only the (both so version and version have been set on the target and also a cmake-version-file exists alongsinde a package-config file)
Both libA and libB have been packed with:


However, the debian control file now has a hard dependency on libB(=2.0.0) while it should technically be compatible with anysamemajorversion as specified for instance in the cmake-version file of libB.

Is there a way to automatically deduce dependencies that does not pin the version like described above?
This seems to be related to the libB.shlibs file that is used to compute the dependencies for libA.

Thank you in advance.