Cross compilation help


I’m trying to use CMake to generate a project for cross compiling for another system (gaming console). The SDK uses MSVC with a property sheet for settings and clang as its compiler. I’ve hacked around to make CMake accept the property sheet when identifying the compiler (it will be nice if properties could be set somehow before this happens, but setting VC_GLOBAL_property and similar doesn’t seem to affect this stage, so I’m using CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET with a custom VCTargetsPath). My problem is that the compiler doesn’t use main but something else for its entry point, and the compiler identification fails at this stage.

Is there anything I can do to tell CMake to use something different as main or something to that effect? I’d like to keep the rest of the process if possible, and if it’s not, I guess I can tell CMake what the compiler is, but there are a lot of properties to set and things like that which I’d like CMake to discover like it’s doing now.

Thanks in advance.

This sounds like a feature request to me. Could you please file an issue with this information so that it can be tracked? Thanks.

Cc: @brad.king