CPack WIX generator does not create start menu shortcuts


I tried for some time now but I simply cannot convince CPack’s WIX generator to add start menu shortcuts.
According to documenation, all it should need is:

  set_property ( INSTALL "$<TARGET_FILE_NAME:MyExe>"
    PROPERTY CPACK_START_MENU_SHORTCUTS "My shortcut description"

where MyExe is a target created with add_executable() and installed to “.”
The default component name is named “default” and is the only component being installed in this specific configuration.
But the resulting files.wxs only contains:

        <DirectoryRef Id="INSTALL_ROOT">
            <Component Id="CM_CP_default.MyExe.exe" Guid="*">
                <File Id="CM_FP_default.MyExe.exe" Source="......./_CPack_Packages/win64/WIX/InstallerName/default/MyExe.exe" KeyPath="yes"/>

Nothing that I tried so far changes this. I am using CMake 3.22.0
I could try to hack it in with a patch file but that’s not really the point of it.

Anything that I could try?

I also find it very troublesome that wix.log contains no debug output from the CPack WIX generator to track such issues.

Replying to myself:
The entries will probably not popup in that DirectoryRef but somewhere else. But the whole cpack output directory has no “Shortcut” definition.