CPack : automatically offer user to install RPM dependencies ?

I set the following

set(CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_REQUIRES "boost_filesystem,boost_graph,boost_log,boost_log_setup,boost_serialization,boost_unit_test_framework,cmake-filesystem")
set(CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_REQUIRES_PRE "boost_filesystem,boost_graph,boost_log,boost_log_setup,boost_serialization,boost_unit_test_framework,cmake-filesystem")

I tried installing the generated RPM package but it just says to install the required dependencies but does not offer the user and easier options to just type e.g. Y at the prompt to do the installation.

I recall some RPM is built to offer that but I don’t know how those RPMs were build.

Is there some flags I can set in CMake/CPack to effect that ?

Kind regards

rpm -i doesn’t know how to install dependencies. You should probably use dnf install, yum install, or zypp install (or whatever the Suse tool is).

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Thanks for the advice @ben.boeckel