Could NOT find Python3 (missing: Python3_LIBRARIES Development Development.Embed) (found suitable version "3.11.2", minimum required is "3.5")

Hello everyone! I cannot get CMake to find my Python libraries; I’m getting this error.

I’m on MSYS2 on Windows 10 (which I think might be part of the problem).

Indeed, MSYS2 environment should be used coherently (i.e. all tools must be from the same environment).

First question: what do you want to use: MSYS2 or MINGW64? (i.e. what is the value of environment variable MSYSTEM?).

If it is MSYS2, you must use the cmake tool provided by this environment (other cmake tools will not work as expected) and also use the python from this environment (typical packages msys/cmake, msys/python and msys/python-devel).

If it is MINGW64, you can use Windows cmake or MNGW64 cmake (package mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-cmake) but you must have consistency between python and the compiler: use Microsoft compiler with standard python (from or use GNU gcc with python provided by MINGW64 environment (package mingw64/mingw-w64-x86_64-python).

Hi Marc!
I’m actually using CLANG64 - it looks like CMake can find the wrong Python interpreter if you have multiple ones installed (clang64/python3, msys/python3).

Even though the clang python was first in my path, CMake ignored the following options to continue to find the wrong Python:

In the end, I uninstalled msys/python, forcing CMake to find the correct Python, and all was well. It was extremely frustrating.

I wonder if it is some mistake of mine, in the project I was building, or if it was an issue with CMake.

If you want to specify a Hint variable, use the correct one!

If you request Python3 package, Python3_EXECUTABLE can be specified. Case is important, PYTHON3 in uppercase is not correct. And the same of PYTHON or Python which are irrelevant in this case.
If you request Python package, Python_EXECUTABLE can be used, nothing else!

And specifying the executable is enough, all other artifacts are deduced from the interpreter itself.

And to finish, without a full snippet showing exactly what are the variables you have defined and how you call the find_package, hard to say more…

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