Correct linkage library name generation for TI compilers


I’m using TI ARM CGT and TI C6000 CGT.

After calling link_libraries function (by myself or by conan tool) for linking mylibrary lib, linker flag --library=mylibrary was generated.

But that two compilers (and I think other TI CGT) requires full library name with extension (it should be --library=libmylibrary.a).

I can remove the default prefix lib for Unix systems by defining CMAKE_STATIC_LIBRARY_PREFIX variable, but that doesn’t work with an extension (suffix).

mylibrary was also created by CMake with the same toolchain settings.

My environment: CMake 3.18.0, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, TI ARM CGT 18.12.5, TI C6000 CGT 8.3.2

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I suspect we might need to update our TI support for this.

Cc: @brad.king

CMake 3.19 includes some updates to the TI compiler support from MR 5010.