convert a gcc statement to Cmake

I tried to convert the following litte problem to Cmake, but whatever I tried I could not solve the problem.

I downloaded and instaleed Lapack using Mingw-64 which created the following directories/filess using Cmake

C:/lapack/build/include … and c:\lapack\build\lib

The file main.c can be downloaded from

I I run

[C:\temp]gcc -o main.exe main.o -Lc:/lapack/build/lib -llapack -llapacke -lcblas -lblas -ltmglib -lgfortran -lquadmath


11.000000 -9.000000 5.000000 -9.000000 21.000000 -1.000000 5.000000 -1.000000 3.00000

Everythin works fine

The last two libraries are Mingw-64 libraries

I tried to convert the gcc statement to cmake but whatever I tried I get different error messages.

May be you can help me

Thank you for your efforts

Chris Nabold

Do you have the CMake code you tried and the relevant error messages available?