Connect libs folder

Hello, I’m new to CMake and wanted to ask if someone can answer my question: How can I connect the whole libs tree folder because I don’t want to connect every single lib that is in there myself

Hi and welcome.

What do you mean by “connect” here?

With connect i mean link,i guess

OK. It depends on whether you are looking to link external dependencies into your build (or install) tree or make links from somewhere else into your build or install tree.

If you want external dependencies, there is file(GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES) to help with this.

If the latter, I recommend just creating install() rules to install targets multiple times where they are needed (or, if you’re using a package manager such as vcpkg or HomeBrew, they should be taking care of this).

Okay, I’ll try file (GET RUNTIME DEPENDENCIES) can you explain how to set these GET_RUNTIME_DEPENDENCIES?

The documentation is far better at explaining what it can do than I can. There are also references on Discourse on how to use it.

Okey thanks, my last question is: how can I close the topic?

No need; others can chime in with additional information if it’s left open.