Complete compiler path in compile commands.

In the compile commands json the path to the compiler is truncated as follows.

Is there an option to get the full compiler path?.

How do you mean “truncated”? That looks like a standard 8.3 filename format for “overlong” file path components on Windows to me.

That might be a standard. However, is there a option to get the full compiler path?

I’m not 100% familiar with how IAR works or is discovered. What is the compiler path in CMakeCache.txt? What generator are you using?

The compiler in the CMakeCache.txt file is correct. However, it is the compile_commands.json that I’m having issue with. I’m using MinGW make. generator

Hmm. That means that CMake is doing the path shortening somewhere internally since (IIRC) CMake implements compile_commands.json for that generator itself. Could you please file an issue about this? Thanks.