CMake Tools & Visual code

Hello all,

I am trying to use CMake Tools in Visual Studio Code and step through the quick start. I get an error about a connect between vscode and the cmserver

[rollbar] Unhandled exception: Unhandled Promise rejection: Post-folder-open Error: connect ENOENT \?\pipe\c:\Users\fdemi\DevEnv\vulkan\vulkan-fundamentals\vscode.vscode.cmserver-pipe {“folder”:{“uri”:{“$mid”:1,“fsPath”:“c:\Users\fdemi\DevEnv\vulkan\vulkan-fundamentals\vscode”,“_sep”:1,“external”:file:///c%3A/Users/fdemi/DevEnv/vulkan/vulkan-fundamentals/vscode,“path”:“/c:/Users/fdemi/DevEnv/vulkan/vulkan-fundamentals/vscode”,“scheme”:“file”},“name”:“vscode”,“index”:0}}

Any ideas?



Setting Cmake: Cmake Communication Mode to fileApi fixed the problem. I had it set to automatic which apparently is the default

Do you mean CMake Tools?

This is not related to .