CMake support for Fujitsu compilers

I’m trying to build CMake based applications on an Arm (A64FX) supercomputer (Fugaku) using Fujitsu compilers. Unfortunately, I’m running into several issues which essentially boil down to CMake not recognizing Fujitsu compilers and libraries

From related issue (FindBLAS with Fujitsu libraries), I understand what needs to be in place for BLAS libraries.

Found this link that lists supported compilers:

I’m checking to see if anyone in the community has already solved this issue before. If not, what does adding support for a new compiler entail? Is there a specific point of contact at Kitware etc. who could point the way.


Sarat Sreepathi,
Computer Scientist
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Cc: @chuckatkins

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Hi Sarat,
I’ve done some work on a feature branch to add support for the older fujitsu sparc compiler but not the new A64FX clang based one. The biggest impediment is really a lack of access and documentation; I simply don’t have access to an A64FX dev environment with the Fujitsu compiler. Even with just documentation I can get pretty far, probably enough to get something working, even without machine access, although that would be preferred.

Please feel free to contact me directly at chuck dot atkins at kitware dot com to see if we can perhaps make some progress on the issue.

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Just bringing some closure to this thread.We are trying to make progress on this issue offline.

FYI, thanks to @chuckatkins, Fujitsu is supported. Details at Testing Fujitsu support