CMAKE steps to generate VS2012 with Debugger PDB and Src file settings/configuration

We are setting the Debugging ->Symbols (.pdb) and Common Properties > Debug Source Files on Solution ‘Application’ Property Pages dialog in VS2012 IDE.

Can we add these configurations in Cmake while generating VS2012 solution, part of auto-build/configuration process? If this is not supported at all in VS2012, can you suggest if this be achieved in VS2022 and how?

There’s support in CMake for telling the VS generators about custom properties: VS_USER_PROPS.

Hi Ben, is there any example for setting Debugging ->Symbols (.pdb) and Common Properties > Debug Source Files, we are not sure about the property names to use with VS_USER_PROPS

I’d search Github or related places for people using them already. I don’t really use VS myself, so it’s not something I’m familiar with.