CMake presets: What is a testpreset for?

If you want to use the presets in an IDE, you only need the configurePresets , or not?

If you do not know, what the binary directory is, you need the buildPresets too on console.

And with the cmake --build builddirpath --taget test you need no testPresets !

If the user has a Multi-Config project created, than the user may switch with --config i.e. from Debug to Release.

cmake . --preset=ninja-multi cmake --build --preset=ninja-multi --config Release
cmake --build --preset=ninja-multi --config Release --target help # or test, install, ... 
ctest --preset=ninja-multi --build-config Release

And perheps, see your preset list available for your host:
use cmake . --list-presets=all

But this does not work out of the box! see this post

see for example remove garbage from mircosoft presets · ClausKlein/cpp_starter_project@c4cf772 · GitHub