CMake presets, env variables and o/s

Our CMake preset (for an Arm tools - based project) must define environment variable ARM_PRODUCT_DEF:

  "name": "arm-base-linux",
  "description": "Base configuration to target Linux with armclang, using Unix Makefiles generator.",
  "hidden": true,
  "binaryDir": "${sourceDir}/../builds/${presetName}",
  "cacheVariables": {
    "CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE": "Debug",
    "CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE": "armclang_toolchain.cmake"
  "environment": {
    "ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE": "<snip>"
    "ARM_PRODUCT_DEF": "/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2022.1/sw/mappings/gold.elmap"

ARM_PRODUCT_DEF is different for Windows and Linux environments. Must I define a separate preset for each o/s or is their a neater way of doing it?

Cc: @kyle.edwards