CMake on zOS?

Is CMake supported on zOS?
If not, any plans for that?

from 2015:

Is it possible to boostrap/build CMake by downloading/extracting the CMake source and then using GCC:


Thank you, I saw that before posting the question. The thing is that this email thread dated 2015 and I could not find any updates.
The Bison and Flex seem to support zOS now.
I am not sure about the regex implementation that old post mentioned.
That’s why I asked.

I haven’t heard of any updates. @brad.king?

I’m not aware of any work on CMake support for z/OS. Internally, most code paths assume strings are UTF-8. I don’t know how that should be reconciled with EBCDIC environments.

This assumption (UTF-8, not EBCDIC) - how is it really used in CMake, outside of Bison/Flex?
Are there any operations in CMake itself that really sensitive?

If you could tell me how can I build CMake run its tests on zOS, I could try to see what would it be.

CMake has lots of places that sort and order strings lexicographically. There are also places that do encoding conversions for international character support. The UTF-8 assumption is baked in pretty deeply, and I don’t think we’d want to accept massive changes to lift that assumption.

As I suggested in my post to the 2015 mailing list thread, cross-compiling to z/OS from another host platform may be easier.

Thank you. That makes sense. I tried to avoid cross-compilation, but oh, well. :slightly_smiling_face: