CMake nightly URL programmatic

Is there a way to determine the nightly binary URL? I see a hexadecimal string not related to commit hash in the URL.

I would like to make a little script that downloads the latest nightly binary (or specific date) but the hex string is confounding until I know how that is determined.

Nightly binaries are of the “stage” which include reviewed-but-need-wider-testing MRs. It lives here:

OK that would allow building the nightly from source. So, I would need to find the CMake-internal project script that generates the nightly binary filename. The idea is I want to make my own script that allows downloading and extracting a nightly binary (without needing to build local) by:

cmake -Dnightly=20231215 -P nightly.cmake

(or in Python, Bash, etc.)

Hmm, I think I can just do it by Regex and ignoring the hash thereby. Thanks!

This is the new working script to get the latest nightly. Not thoroughly tested yet, but it works initially:

There are perma-refs of the nightly stage available on that repository too. refs/stage/master/YYYYMMDD