CMake install does nothing (macOS)


we 're trying to install 3rd party libraries, we’re using Xcode 12 on macOS Catalina. Problem is in that the setup does work on Windows machines with Visual Studio 17 but does not on a Mac one.

Our script basically does the following:

            '--install', build_dir,
            '--config', pkg.configuration,
            '--prefix', str(THIRD_PARTY_DIR.as_posix()

We can see for example that it’s installing TinyXML2/8.0.0 @ xcode_12 – Gold

After nothing appears (no configs, nothing).

Is this the wrong board to ask? Can you please comment whether we’re doing it the right way?

You need to provide more context and precise details. The comma-separated command you’ve shown doesn’t look like a raw shell command line, so it isn’t clear how this translates to “our script” in your description. Are you defining a custom command in a hand-written Xcode project, or in a CMake-generated Xcode project, or something else? You need to provide more information so that others not familiar with your setup can understand what you’re trying to do and how.