cmake include directories error in Vs Code

Hi. I’m having cmake include directories errors when I import my project from STM32CubeIDE in VS Code using the Microsoft Embedded Tools extension. I don’t know what is need to be done here as things are auto generated. the error is something like “Invalid character (‘:’) in a variable name: ‘workspace_loc’”

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CMakeOutput.log (55.6 KB)

I see ${workspace_loc: which errors when it hits the : since it is not allowed in variable names. Something is wrong with the st-project.cmake code, but it’s hard to know what with the provided details.

how can i solve the issue then please ? removing the : didn’t change anything

I’d file an issue with whichever project provides that st-project.cmake. If this is one of your projects, more context is necessary to know what might be the intention here. I might hazard that it should be a } instead.

Hi. I’ve tried it it didn’t work

I’m afraid that without further context, anything else is just a guess. I highly recommend you talk to st-project.cmake’s authors to figure out what is intended here.

Hi. they replied to me. seems like it is a bug. incorrect handling of the workspace_loc variable. Thanks for your time