cmake hangs in check_symbol_exists

I have a build I’m moving from one windows machine to another, one running Windows 10, another Windows Server 2012.
All works on the Windows 10 and I have other builds running on the Windows Server 2012 using the same cmake binary, the version of which is 3.3.2 for win-32.
Running this particular build on the latter however always hangs in the check_symbol_exists macro.
If I remove all of those (just for testing if all else works) it instead hangs on a check_c_compiler_flag that comes later.
Running with --debug-output really did not tell much except that we’re called from a particular CMakeLists.txt file. Same with --debug-trycompile.
Any ideas on what can cause this macro to hang?
The CMAKE_C_COMPILER_ID is “arm-bco”.


If you invoke the compiler directly on the Windows Server 2012 machine (just for investigation purposes, say from a terminal or something), does it work? Perhaps it is asking for some interactive input, such as accepting a license or something like that?

I see, thanks a lot (and thanks for your talk at cppcon).

I will have to ask for direct access to the host next week - there is a license server involved for the arm compiler that the wrapping job around the cmake is allowed to access at least but I need to dive deeper.