CMake for (wx)python project(s)


I’m about to start working on open-source desktop app using (wx)python. I need to bind 3rd party C library using cffi/cython, possibly use Nuitka python compiler, would like to to provide manual in html/epub/pdf formatsl created from (most probably) rst markup and desire to provide binary packages for Win/Mac as well as rpm (I’m on Fedora) & deb packages.

Do you consider that the above-described project is good fit for CMake (I am also considering SCons) and that Craig’s “Professional CMake” book can be a good companion to deploy CMake while developing my project?


Would this project involve any of your own C or C++ code? If not, it sounds like it is basically a Python project and tools in that problem space are probably better suited (, poetry, etc.). If you do and they’re just Python extension code rather than some other system, Python tools usually have ways of handling those as well (provided they don’t get too complicated to build).

Well, I’d have to include 3rd party C library (used for low-level computations) and then build Python extension to access by using either cffi or cython hoping that the custom library built on top of that could be written in Python and provides good-enough performance to save me from writing further C(++) code…

What about doc-toolchain, binary installers (packages) as well as generating deb/rpm?

I don’t know what doc-toolchain is. Binary installers have solutions like py2exe and its ilk for Windows. Both deb and rpm have tools that can probably take a wheel/ and make a viable debian/ directory or .spec automatically. I feel like treating it mostly as a Python project is the better road here.

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I was thinking about toolchain used to build documentation written in e.g. rst/sphinx or Asciidoc(tor) etc.

Thank you very much for your input.