CMake for C# project with nuget package references

Hi All,

I am looking for generating a CMakeLists.txt file for my C# csproj project which is .netstandard 2.0 based.
It has project references and nuget package references.
How can I add those package references in the CMakeLists.txt file?

Dit you search for this Word in the cmake Doku or in this Forum?

Hi Claus
I found this property parameter VS_PACKAGE_REFERENCES that I can specify in the CMakeLists.txt file for specifying the packages to be referenced.
However, I have issues when I download these packages its showing error they are not supported for .net framework 4.0 while I am targeting the project for .netstandard2.0
I see the error comes while building ALL_Build.vcxproj which is autogenerated file by CMake.