cmake-file-api code model version 2.1


We maintain the CMake Tools extension for VS Code and we’re seeing reports of a new minor revision of the code model for cmake-file-api(7) in version 3.18-rc1 and above (revision 2.1). I couldn’t find any documentation for the changes online. Could you point me to them so that we can update our extension to support it?

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The link you posted contains the new fields added in 2.1. However, it does not mention the version bump - I’ll fix that.

That being said, minor version updates are backwards compatible - you don’t need to update for them unless they add functionality that you want.

I’ve opened to fix the minor version.

The 2.1 update adds a precompileHeaders field.

Thank you. Will you be able to keep a running document with the changes (or list which properties were added in which revision)? This will make it easier for us to tell the differences between versions.

We’re going to add release notes and “added in version” documentation.

Edit: added - please see