CMake Error at /.../cmake-3.16/Modules/FilePackageHandleStandarArgs.cmake:146 (message):

I have a tinycore linux OS, and I want to build webkitgkt+ from source code. I install cmake.tcz( an extension of tinycoreOS). I have error (mentioned in title):
could not find Perl (missing: PERL_EXECUTABLE) (Require at least version "5.10.0")
(next line) Call Stack....
Anyone can show me how to solve it?

You need to install /usr/bin/perl on your machine. WebKitGTK needs to to do something during its configure and/or build.

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I have another issue:
Cmake warning at source/cmake/webkitccache.cmake:25
Enable ccache: couldn't find ccache program. Not enabling it

I assume there is some option to use ccache. You’ll need to either disable that option or install it. However, this is getting into more WebKitGTK support. I suggest using their documentation and forum/mailing list for support.