CMake/CPack with system extensions MacOS

The concept of system extensions or DEXTs is fairly new to MacOS. My team is in process of developing one. Is it planed to support this technology? Building and signing a dext with cmake would be a great extension. Another great thing would be, to include a possibility to add a dext with cpack into an app bundle.

We do not currently have any functionality for building dexts with CMake, but it sounds like a very interesting project! If you can write a CMake module to do it (or, if necessary, modify CMake itself), I think we might be willing to add it to CMake.

FWIW, it is certainly possible to build things like kernels and drivers in CMake - ReactOS uses CMake, even for the kernel, and I myself have used it in attempting to write my own OS kernel.

Sorry for the long time silence. Can you refer me to a documentation on how to create a CMake module?

Hi - this topic seems to be over a year old - has there been any work towards enabling system extension development with cmake?