Cmake adds support for the SylixOS platform

Hello, I am a developer from the SylixOS team. When using cmake for cross compilation of SylixOS application software, I found that cmake currently does not support the SylixOS platform. Can I add support? I have made modifications to the source code file based on cmake 3.17.2

SylixOS.cmake (988 Bytes)
SylixOS-GNU.cmake (524 Bytes)
SylixOS-GNU-C.cmake (58 Bytes)
SylixOS-GNU-CXX.cmake (60 Bytes)
SylixOS-GNU-Fortran.cmake (113 Bytes)

Support would be appreciated. In order to preserve support, contribution of a dashboard to test it would be even more appreciated.

Cc: @brad.king

Note that actual support would likely be community based as we don’t have all that much experience with the platform.

May I ask what I need to do next to ensure support

As an example, fielding issues raised, maintaining a nightly dashboard to keep testing it, reviewing related code updates, helping adapt Find modules to support projects on the platform, etc. New platform feature abstractions may also need assistance to support Sylix.

As for the dashboard setup, there are scripts that we maintain that those wishing to contribute builds can use to submit nightly. I don’t know the deployment instructions myself, but Brad does.