Cmake adds extra unwanted quotes to msvc linker flags

CMAKE 3.20.0, msvc. How do I get rid of these extra quotes?

Code: target_link_options(my PRIVATE "/BASE:0x76290000")

Actual flag passed to linker: /BASE:""0x76290000""


LNK1146 no argument specified with option ‘/BASE:@0x76290000

Hmm. I think you’ve stumbled across some implementation detail related to how cross-directory targets are represented internally. @brad.king Do we have an escape hatch for this?

This has nothing to do with the cross-directory representation.

@cen I cannot reproduce that using Ninja, NMake Makefiles, or Visual Studio generators. Please post a complete CMakeLists.txt file showing the problem, along with instructions on how to run CMake for it.

Hmm, when I tried to create a repro I could no longer repeat it. I must have had some weird cache I forgot to remove previously. If I ever manage to reproduce it on a minimal example I will repost here.

Sorry for the false alarm, keep CMake great.