cmake 3.8 and higher for debian stretch

Have cmake 3.7.2 on linux.
A piece of software im trying to run requires 3.8.0 and above .
If i use apt-get install ,it installs the same version.
How can i upgrade cmake for the debian stretch or is the debian version limited to 3.7.2 ?

Thank you in advance

You can always build CMake yourself from source, or download one of our pre-built binaries from

Thank you for your quick reply .
Will have a look now.

Ok ,so downloaded cmake 3.16.0 rc3 .
Unzipped the folder.
How do i install it as i have not used binary before ,only used apt-get then the method used to install .

Unzipping it is enough - you can invoke cmake directly from its unzip folder. That said, if you want to install it system-wide, you could cp -r its contents to /usr/local.

ok thank you

For reference, there is a stretch-backports cmake package for CMake 3.13.

Thank you Brad for the info .
I have GDEBI to install .deb packages from there but this one is not.
How do i install this backport version ?

Kind Regards

@graeme61 that’s a Debian thing. See their backport instructions. Replace “buster-backports” with “stretch-backports” in those instructions. I don’t know how long they keep those alive though.

Building from source or using a precompiled binary as discussed above should also be fine.

Hi Brad
Tried your suggestion ,this is what i get when i run the command.

E: The value ‘stretch-backports’ is invalid for APT::Default-Release as such a release is not available in the sources.

Think i will leave it for the moment as its too much hassle as i dont know how to build from binaries manually.
I am used to git clone ,then follow the make ,compile instructions from that particular site.

Kind Regards

Another potential way would be to install CMake as a snap package. You can find instructions on how to do that here:

Yet another way might be installing via Python pip:

Hi everyone
After a long time away from this topic i thought it decent to give an update .
Just recently a piece of software required a higher version than cmake 3.7.2 to build.
As most of the suggestions was a bit advanced for me ,there must be a simpler way to do this .
Well i found it yesterday

This method ( ./bootstrap && make && sudo make install )
worked and to check cmake version installed, cmake --version
cmake 3.18.4 installed.
i was able to install other software requiring a higher version than the cmake 3.7.2 i had.

Thank you very much to everybody who tried to help me .
I hope by posting this i am helping someone else in return.
Kind Regards

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usually when someone figured out how to do something after asking it in a forum they forget to put the solutions, so thank you very much for the update solutions.