CentOS7 and OpenSSL 1.1

Similar to QNX7.0 and openssl 1.1.1, on CentOS 7 (at least) OpenSSL 1.1 is installed as openssl11. On CMake 3.23.2, this causes the pkg_check_modules(_OPENSSL QUIET openssl) in FindOpenSSL.cmake to fail.

Has this by chance been addressed in a later release?

There were some recent OpenSSL-on-QNX fixes for 3.24. I’d recommend testing it and reporting back if it doesn’t work.

Looks like FindOpenSSL.cmake hasn’t been updated.

I was thinking changing that line to

pkg_search_module(_OPENSSL QUIET openssl11 openssl)

should do it, but I have no confidence in me.

Here’s the MR I’m referring to: https://gitlab.kitware.com/cmake/cmake/-/merge_requests/7232

I only mentioned the QNX link because it was a similar issue. I don’t think that will address the CentOS 7 problem of not finding “openssl11” as an alias for “openssl”.

CentOS/RHEL is notorious for handling parallel package versions by giving them new names. pkg_search_module seems tailor made for this purpose.

Please file an issue in that case.