CDash: What do I have to do so that test time graphs appear?

I am using CDash to display test results.

Although the results are displayed correctly, the graph at " Display graphs: Test time" is empty.

What do I have to do in order for it to appear?

Do the “Build names” have to match? I am now writing build date and order into the “build name”, so all of my “build names” are distinct.
Is there a place for this kind of data about the build?

Cc: @zackgalbreath

Your hunch is correct, build & site names need to be consistent in order for CDash to be able to track history.

CDash keeps track of when builds occur, so I don’t think you need to record this information separately, but it’s possible I’m misunderstanding your use case here.

Well, how do I display the commit hash and the commiter email on the main page?

I need the developers to see which tests fail due to their contributions.

I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to show the author of the most recent commit for a build on index.php.

To show the current commit being tested on CDash, uou can include the following lines in your CTest driver script:




Relevant docs here: