CDash: Remove old builds

I just recently upgraded to CDash 3.1 and had a bit of a hard time figuring out how old builds are now removed; Long story short, there seem to be two ways:

  • in .env, add AUTOREMOVE_BUILDS=true, then old builds should be removed on new submission
  • alternatively, run php artisan build:remove all in the CDash folder (from command line or via crontab)

The CDash documentation I found are lacking/outdated in that regard:

  • Mastering CMake still references a config.local.php; this now is configured in the .env file as far as I can tell, and the respective line is AUTOREMOVE_BUILDS=true instead of $CDASH_AUTOREMOVE_BUILDS='1'; (I haven’t found a way to submit change requests here, maybe someone can point me in the right direction?)
  • The docs subfolder in Kitware/CDash seems to be the proper place for new documentation? It does not seem to contain a documentation for this purpose yet, though. Is it a good idea to submit a pull request with a file with above guidelines there?
  • The section on Automatic removal of builds on the CDash Administration page of the Kitware Wiki mentions a CDash/autoRemoveBuilds.php file, which doesn’t exist anymore. The whole maintenance section seems somwhat outdated. Should this be updated, or a hint added that the information there only applies to an older version with a link to newer documentation maybe?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask questions about CDash - I didn’t find a forum specific to CDash unfortunately…



This command also does not work. Just prints

[2023-10-23 01:46:17] development.INFO: about to query for builds to remove {"function":"removeFirstBuilds"} 
[2023-10-23 01:46:17] development.INFO: removing old buildids for projectid: 1 {"function":"removeFirstBuilds"} 
  -- removing old buildids for projectid: 1

and hangs forever in this state.