CDash + grafana

Hi all,

General question to the community, Since we can use postgres or mysql backend for CDash dashboard, is it possible to hook up grafana to CDash, in case we want to have some additional visualizations? Has someone tried it, does it sound sane ? :slight_smile:


As far as I know, nobody has attempted this yet. As you may already know, most pages on CDash display a “view as JSON” link in the footer that links to the relevant API endpoint. That would probably be a good starting point.

I’ll also note that we’re investigating a new GraphQL API for CDash 3.4 (or so).

Thanks a lot for the reply :slight_smile: The reason I am asking is because I was trying to see if CDash can be used for continuous benchmarking, where we can somehow track performance benchmark numbers and then compare it to the previous numbers of a baseline.

I think measurements can be used to upload these numbers to CDash and even visualize them to some extent. But I am not sure that’s enough to notice performance regressions in tests. Any ideas on how we can do benchmarking with ctest and CDash? :slight_smile: