Cannot sign up for reporting a cmake bug

I tried to register on
but I never got a confirmation e-mail.

Now when I try to register, it says my username is already taken. When I try to log on it says I need to confirm my e-mail.

This problem is similar to

so I posted a message there, but got no response.

How do I proceed so that I can report a cmake bug ?

I’ll send an email to our sysadmins. Could you send the email and username you used to <my_username> so they know what they’re looking for?

Is there a way for me to send just you a message through this forum (it seems your e-mail is hidden on this site and hence I do not want to just post mine).

My mistake, you wanted me to mail to <my_username> where <my_username> is the name that I used to try and log on ?

No, use my username in that email address to send the information (it’s in the URL for my profile page) :slight_smile: .