cannot find opencv modules for cmake v3.28

In the lastest cmake-modules, I cannt find the opencv.
I remember it had been exist.

OpenCV is now provided by a config file installed by OpenCV’s installation itself. CMake’s --debug-find flag can be used to get more information when configuring. If things work with 3.27 and break with 3.28, that is another issue that would need to be investigated and details on your setup would be appreciated.

The easiest thing to do to try and make this work is to install OpenCV and then configure with -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/path/to/opencv/install/prefix.

I can use the find_package(OpenCV REQUIRED) on windows system.
I want to read the cmake document about opencv, but I cannot find the document on this lik.

As Ben wrote, the file processed by find_package(OpenCV) (namely OpenCVConfig.cmake or opencv-config.cmake) is part of OpenCV, not of CMake. So you’ll have to look for it there. It may be part of its source, or it may be generated as part of OpenCV’s build or installation.

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