Building for macOS-arm64 but attempting to link with file built for macOS-x86_64

Trying to build the following but I keep running into issues (maxe/QuickStart.adoc at master · maxe-team/maxe · GitHub).

Basically, the code was written before M1 chips came out and I’m not sure what the optimal way to handle this is - 1) Build cmake from scratch (ie. How do I build cmake from source as universal(arm64 and x86_64) binary on Mac?), or 2) Find a work around solution?

The code in question will need to be recompiled to target arm64. Or you can target x86_64 with your code. macOS supports running x86_64 on arm64, but the granularity is at the process level. A single process must be all arm64 or all x86_64.