Building cmake from source for Android

Has anyone tried building cmake for Android? Any issues? I would like to run ctest from within an emulator.

I think the normal solution here is to cross compile and use CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR to perform tests on a device over adb or the like.

That said, termux has a cmake package for Android you might be able to use (or at least crib instructions for building it to run on Android).

So I have a very subtle issue here, I’m building on windows, but testing it on a Mac through an adb shell. I’ll take a look at CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING_EMULATOR and may be can get it to work if I play around with the COMMAND option a bit too.

I’m forced to do this because my CICD pipeline doesn’t support running emulators on Windows but I’m trying not to move the building to a Mac.