Build ID

When running CI it would be great to post a link to the build on cdash. Is it possible to generate the link? If not, it seems like I just need the buildid e.g.:

Is it possible to query cdash for the buildid?

I remember some way was added to get this information, but can’t find it right now. @zackgalbreath

Ah, there is ctest_submit(BUILD_ID) added in 3.15.

I am doing the following:

ctest_submit(PARTS Notes BUILD_ID build_id)

and build_id is empty… bummer

I think it needs to be on the first ctest_submit. I’m not sure off-hand, Zack should be able to help more when he gets a chance.

@zackgalbreath any thoughts? I can’t seem to get anything meaningful from BUILD_ID…

Is it possible that the version of cdash I use is not compatible with this feature?

That is likely the problem.

That’s my hunch too. This feature was added to CDash here:

This commit (just barely) made it into CDash v2.6, so if you’re running something older CDash won’t be able to give you back a buildid at submit time.