Build HIP binaries on NVIDIA platform

I noted that since CMake 3.21, hip is a supported language in CMake. But I don’t seem to get it to work right when build bynaries (either executables or libraries) on NVIDIA platforms.

Perphasp, I’m not using the new CMake capabilities of hip language correctly :thinking:

Is there anyone experienced that can give me a hint with this sample project?

@zackgalbreath @robert.maynard

Hi to all,

After scratching my head with this problem for the last two weeks. I managed to archive a simple working solution :smile:

In this example, I demonstrate my work around. I was not able to enable HIP as a language, but using a traditional approach, I was able to build truly cross-platform sample library, in either NVIDIA and AMD platforms with CMake > 3.16 in a unified manner.

Nevertheless, I would appreciate any feedback/critic on this approach :thinking:

best regards,