Brand, Spankin' New...Trying to Understand gpiod.h and riscv-64


I have a BeagleV-Ahead I am using to natively compile via cmake .. && make and then using libgpiod-dev libs. via #include <gpiod.h> to get things going.

I am receiving this error after cmake and make commands.

Requested line as output failed
: Device or resource busy

I have done this before on an armhf machine and another aarch64 machine…

So, I am a bit confused as of now…


P.S. If you need any data from me, I am all ears! Oh…my locations of files to use on Linux are a bit different these days. Instead of /sys/class/gpio/*, I have locations with another location of files.

See, the odd things so far is that everything compiles but the error remains. Is cmake at fault, probably not. Am I, probably! Any assistance would be appreciated…

I will keep trying.

I figured it out. In the end, it was me.


P.S. My source was a bit off even though it compiled. Sorry to bother you guys/gals.

If it would help anyone out there trying to get started, simple ideas are below for CMakeLists.txt…

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.25)

project(gpiod LANGUAGES C)

add_executable(MySecond MySecond.c)
target_link_libraries(MySecond gpiod)