Best practices when providing CMake functions in a library

My library has CMake functions which add build steps of a code generator to a target. I would like users of my library to be able to use these functions. However I’m unsure how I should provide them. The most simple solution is a CMake include. A library user however must know the path or the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH has to be set accordingly.

Question 1: Is it possible/best practice to provide CMAKE_MODULE_PATH which points to the includes of the library in the CMake package, so that users of the library can include my files after find_package()?

Question 2: Is it possible/best practice to make the functions directly available with find_package()?

The classical way to proceed is to deliver directly the functions when find_package() is evaluated.
To avoid any potential clash names, it is strongly recommended prefixing the functions with the name of the package:

find_package(MyPackage ...)

# use function created by the package