Best Practice to propagate custom targtes

In Modern CMake context all artefacts a package provides should be targets.
For libraries and executables, this is obvious, but how to handle custom targets properly? They can’t be installed itself (only the files, which are produced by the custom targets).
In my context I have a meta information parser, which scans source files (of an object library) and produces a specific meta-info file. Is the only “modern” way to set that meta-info as customer specific property at the corresponding library?
Are there better pattern known, to use the results of custom targets via install and find_package borders?

Usually one provides a CMake API to generate the add_custom_command bits as needed. It’d be nice to be able to export custom targets, however this sounds more like exporting custom rules that can be applied to other source files. That’s closer to a new language in CMake’s model.