Because CMake-gui does not use UTF-8 (without BOM) for URLs?

I have as a user a name that has the letter Unicode: ñ. So always by generating with cmake I did not find the routes, I saw the route through the file explorer and I also saw the cmakelists.txt file, it was beginning to increase my confusion, it was still reviewing all the steps for cmake. I was looking for the error that came out on all the Internet: Effice invalidated. And I could not get anything.
Until recent mind, I would have Cmake as an administrator and to the English where I compile I see that the route that I previously gave an alert through Windows saying that the route does not exist, so it occurs to me to check the URL that showed CMake: "C:/Users/�o�o/Downloads/GML-Master/ " instead of "C:/Users/ñoño/Downloads/GML-Master/"(Note: The ñoño route is not the route that I used, only that I thought that by showing my real route I would put my privacy in Riesgo). Seeing this, I decide to move the complete project to "c:/cmake-dev/gml-master/" (Note I created the CMake-Dev folder to put all the projects that you must compile with CMake) and it worked.

I have reached the conclude that the coding of characters that CMake is not appropriate and advised that use UTF-8 (without boom) for character coding in the next update.

thanks for your attention.

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It appears as though � might be mojibake for Latin-1’s ñ. Was a path given somewhere in Latin-1 and read as UTF-8 somewhere?

Suddenly the windows file explorer(in cmake gui has a button that allows you to search the folder with the windows file explorer) return a path with a character encoding(latin-1), that cmake gui didn’t know how to deal with(utf -8).

Could you please open an issue for this?