Basic CMake command question - set(+qca_fw)

I am trying to build QGIS from GitHUb source for windows, using QtCreator and CMake.

The FindQCA.cmake includes:


if(QCA_LIBRARY MATCHES “/qca.*\.framework”)

string(REGEX REPLACE “^(./qca.\.framework).*$” “[\1](file://1)” _qca_fw “${QCA_LIBRARY}”)


But I am new to Cmake, and don’t understand what these few lines of code are trying to achieve.


They try to put the path to the qca framework file into a Wiki style link format. Framework files are used on MacOS.

No idea why the 2 regexes don’t match (the second one misses a *)

Ok thanks. So this section is Apple OS specific? As I am building for windows, it is therefore not relevant? And the cmake should really have a test to only run these lines of code, if one is building for Apple, it seems?