There is a project on Qt5.6.2 / CMake


With CMake 3.9.2 on windows and CMake 3.10.2 on Linux project builds with no problem

Automatic MOC, UIC and RCC for target SomeLibrary

When CMake was updated to 3.18.4 (on Windows) build started failing

Automatic MOC and UIC for target SomeLibrary

Apparently RCC never was called for SomeLibrary with new CMake

Why could that happen?

I believe the autogen mechanism only reports for tools that it finds are necessary for a build. So without a .qrc file in SomeLibrary's sources, it doesn’t mention that it is doing so. Is there a .qrc file in the source list for it?

Yes, surely qrc files are passed as a sources and they are processed with autorcc on CMake 3.9.2

But when I try same project with CMake 3.18.4 autorcc doesn’t work for some reason

I wonder could older Qt version (5.6.2) be the issue here?

That sounds like a regression to me. Please file an issue with a test case that reproduces the issue (a link to the full project would be sufficient if it is available, but stripping it down to the bare minimum would help a lot in focusing in on the problem.

Heads up @brad.king

Finally I was able to isolate(not solve) the problem: it happens when We are trying to use specific AUTOGEN_BUILD_DIR

In the attachment there is simple recreation of a problem

Only update CMakeLists.txt with proper PROJECTS_ROOT variable

PS. Qt version has nothing to do with the problem

PPS. QtCreator(4.13+) although has some issues with CMake versions older then 3.14 (more info here:


autorcctest.7z (3.6 KB)

Thanks. I’ve filed it as