Authentication For File Download - CMake 3.2.3

Currently we are using CMake version 3.2.3. We work on a closed/secured network and trying to get new software cleared and installed on the network makes upgrading to a newer version of CMake not possible.
I say this because I know that CMake 3.2.3 appears to not support “USERPWD” for file download.

I am looking for a solution to authenticate with a repository server such as Artifactory. We download several artifacts from the repo for CMake projects. Soon, however, anonymous authentication will be removed, and I need a way to authenticate using CMake downloading capability.

Is there an HTTP header option in 3.2.3 whereby I can specify the credentials? Are there any other options?

Thanks for any suggestions!

I don’t see a built-in way. You could replace any file(DOWNLOAD) with execute_process(COMMAND curl) (assuming you have curl around) to use its powers that way though.

Thanks for the suggestion. I am very new to CMake and that helps to push me in the right direction!