add_library(ALIAS) and target_include_directories

For linux I use find_package(ICU 57.1 COMPONENTS uc i18n data REQUIRED) all works fine. But for other platforms I want build icu package included as submodule.
Again all works fine:

target_include_directories(icuuc PUBLIC "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/common")
target_compile_definitions(icuuc PUBLIC ${DEFS})

target_link_libraries(app PRIVATE icuuc)

All works fine again, but now I want merge code for linux and other platforms.
On linux the name is ICU::uc and in other cases icuuc.

I try to add add_library(ICU::uc ALIAS icuuc) but looks like
target_include_directories and target_compile_definitions are lost in case of alias usage. I got error:

file not found
#include <unicode/uversion.h>

But if replace target_link_libraries(app PRIVATE ICU::uc) with target_link_libraries(app PRIVATE icuuc) all build just fine.

So at least larget_include_directories doesn’t work for ALIAS,
is it the bug or I missed something?

I test on Linux/Makefile and macOS/Makefile

Hmm. VTK uses ALIAS libraries extensively without any issue. Could you please boil this down to a full example that could be tested on its own? Thanks.