What will happen to CMake 3 Documentation if CMake 4 is released?

Hello, CMake Team.

First, regarding the difference between cmake2-docs and cmake3-docs, we can see the following:

  1. The Sphinx theme used by cmake3-docs is clearly inconsistent with cmake2-docs.
  2. Although documentation for both CMake 2 and CMake 3 versions is provided, the version switcher in cmake3-docs allows switching between versions, whereas cmake2-docs lacks this functionality.
  3. The version switcher in cmake3-docs cannot switch to cmake2-docs.

Therefore, I would like to confirm the following:

  1. Will the Sphinx theme used by cmake4-docs differs from cmake3-docs as well?
  2. Will the version switcher in cmake3-docs be removed/deprecated once cmake4-docs is released?
  3. Will cmake3-docs be merged with cmake4-docs (in other words, will they be able to switch between versions using a version switcher), or will they remain independent (each with its own version switcher)?
  4. Is it possible for the minor version of cmake3 to exceed 100 (in other words, could versions like 3.101, 3.102, etc., potentially exist)?

CMake 3.0 introduced the transition to Sphinx for documentation. I don’t think there will be any major changes to the documentation system for CMake 4.0.

So will it be able to switch between cmake4-docs and cmake3-docs based on the version switcher?