Tool to generate all CMakeLists.txt for existing project

I’ve contributed to maybe 20 open-source projects to try and improve my cmake-fu (amongst other things).

Now, with a reasonable idea of commonalities betwixt projects, I’m ready to write a code-generator to automatically create the CMakeLists.txt and associated CPack files for an arbitrary project.

Ideal workflow:

  • Clone non CMake project
  • Run <toolname> generate
  • Interactive and CLI arg variants
  • Options:
    • Language
    • Standard version (e.g., C90)
    • License †
    • Welcome.txt †
    • Author (for CPack vendor) †
    • Repo/website (for CPack and project) †
    • Work with existent include directory adding to likely target (e.g., "$<BUILD_INTERFACE:${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/include>")

†will try to infer contents

Not sure if additional features are [reasonably] doable:

  • Figure out dependencies and add them with find_package
  • Generate flex/bison graph
  • Figure out OS-specific switching (e.g., only include these files on macOS, and these on Windows)

What do you think, is this a project worth writing?

Related work (GitHub org/repo):

If it is worth doing, how do you want this built? - I guess I can do the whole thing in C… or CMake, or something else. Should it try and be a tool included with CMake itself, like cpack and ctest?