support for cuDNN NVIDIA CUDA® Deep Neural Network library

Currently for adding cuDNN libraries a module created by Stefano Sinigardi called FindCUDNN.cmake is used in many projects such as Darknet. I see the FindCUDA.cmake module is replaced by FindCUDAToolkit but still there’s no official cmake support for cuDNN. Will that be included in the near future?

The FindCUDA and FindCUDAToolkit only search for CUDA libraries that are provided as part of the CUDA SDK. Currently cuDNN is an additional download, and therefore would need a separte module.

The preference would be that cuDNN would provide a config module as part of the package, allowing existing CMake installs to work nicely.

Yes It’s optional but according to official installation notes from NVIDIA it must be copied to the same directory where the headers and libraries of CUDA are found so it would be nice to have FindCUDAToolkit take care of it IMHO.

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