[solved] light theme is too dark

I chose the light theme on the mobile app for this forum. I find it very uncomfortable to read. the light theme is very dark, only a tiny bit lighter then the dark theme.

I don’t use the mobile app, but Chrome (on Android 9), and this is what I see with the Light theme:

Maybe there is an issue with the Discourse app.

this is the dark theme:


and this is the light theme:

I forgot I can take screenshots on the phone. Different generation :blush:

it is slightly lighter then the dark theme, still not the brightest star in the sky.

@hex the light theme is supposed to be a white background and black text. I’m using it right now as I write this response in a desktop browser. Please try viewing the upstream discourse site itself to see if you can reproduce the behavior there.

Only the mobile application is affected.

I asked on discourse forum, I’ll post any insight here later.

Cause of this was system wide dark mode setting enabled on my device.