Small paid contract work for cmake developer?

I’ve got a small CMake feature I could really use. It’s not overly complex and I could definitely code it myself, except I’ve never built cmake or examined its source, and I have to spend my time writing the code that I use Cmake to build :-).
It’s of general utility, so could just be put into cmake if desired, or published.

If there’s a developer interested, drop me a note. I would guess it’s less than a day’s work.

I’m sorry if this is not the right place for this message.

Chris Green

@Chris_Green Sure, hit me up with a longer description. I’d prefer email (groot at KDE dot org, for my day-to-day Open Source things). I do various wrangly-bits in CMake for FreeBSD support and sometimes feature development – as a volunteer contributor.

It’d help to know beforehand if this is likely to be CMake C++ development (internals, like supporting multiple -L flags in CTest) or module development (find-modules or other bits written in CMake language) and intended target platform(s).